Petitfee Centella Clearing Spot Patches

An acne patch that encourages the healing of acne by creating a protective barrier on the pimple area away from external stimulus.
  • The design of the patches help to fit on your skin seamlessly.
  • Formulated with Tea Tree Oil and Centella Asiatica Extract to help recover the wounded area rapidly with soothing care.
  • Make with Hydrocolloid technique to offer super-waterproof effect that help your pimple to get away from water thoroughly.
  • Passed Skin Irritation Test that suitable for sensitive skin to use.

(Size 23 patches of different sizes)

How to use

1. Clean and dry the area with pimple before attaching the patch.

2. Apply the patch on the pimple or wounded area after removing the patch from the film.
3. Replace patch when it swells and turns white due to absorption of fluids after about 8-12 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Works well

These work well and I noticed the acne cleared up faster after using them.