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Olive Kollection carries specially curated Korean beauty products that are delivered with confidence, love, and care. Based in Orange County, California, founder Christina Im opened this collection dedicated to all her favorite beauty products in the hopes that others would also benefit from their successful effects.

We are always on the hunt to bring you the best Korean skincare and makeup products without having to travel across the world to find them. As authorized distributors for all the brands you find on our site, you can feel safe and secure of the products you use on your precious skin!


A message from Christina

I have always loved beauty products and how fun it is playing with makeup. But, the greatest downside was that my skin was always changing and that some products didn’t work for me during certain stages of my life. This is exactly why I wanted to offer a wide selection of products from different brands here at Olive Kollection to show that there is so much versatility to fit each of our needs. My desire is that we begin to enjoy the skin we’re in and not avoid it! Whether it’s your first introduction to Korean beauty products or you’ve been a faithful fan for years, I hope that you can find all that you want and need here at Olive Kollection. 

Another thing I want to relay is, do not stress about your skin too much! (Harder said than done, I know). Stress really does affect your skin, lifestyle, and health. Come relax, share your skin success stories regardless of how large or small, enjoy looking through our wide range of products and take a breather!

We absolutely love hearing from you. You are what keeps us going and striving for the skies! if you ever have questions, comments or some product recommendations, we’re more than happy to help and look into a new brand that we haven't heard about. E-mail me or tag us on your Instagram or Facebook photos and stories! It's always a pleasure. XOXO