Neogen A-Clear Soothing Clear Spot Patch


Hydrocolloid patches help to absorb secretions from the blemishes, spots, while creating a moist environment to prevent scabbing and scarring.

Slim patches having thin edges can stay on bumpy surface with better adhesion. The patches are translucent, minimizing visibility for a natural look!

12mm*12ea / 10mm*12ea
0.47in*12ea / 0.39in*12ea

Hydrocolloid patches help to absorb pus, secretions and other impurities while protecting the spots from water, dusts, bacteria. The patches also create a moist environment to prevent scabbing and scarring.

Beveling Method: Beveling Method compresses, makes the edges thin, so that:

1) It can adhere strongly onto the skin, minimizing visibility for a natural coverage.
2) It can stay on bumpy surfaces with strong adhesion.
3) The center of patches can be concentrated with formula for effective spot treatment.

Central cut-line of the film:

The patches are easily peeled without creasing and wrinkles thanks to its central cut-line of the film. As the each adhesive patch is positioned at the center of the cutting line, you can easily peel off the patches, preventing secondary infections caused by germs/bacteria from hands.

How to use

1. Cleanse and dry the skin thoroughly. Remove a patch from film.
2. Apply it onto targeted area.
3. Gently press the edges of the patch with fingers for 2-3 seconds.

*Remove or replace your patch with a new one when it turns white, indicating that it has fully absorbed secretions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
work great

these patches work great! even my little sister is stealing them from me bc she says they actually do something. love how there’s 2 different patch sizes as well.

Lynn S.
A bit angry…

I used maybe 1 row of these patches and left them on my vanity. And my mom THREW THE REST AWAY thinking there weren’t any patches left. So I guess that’s just how unnoticeable they are… will have to buy a new pack!

No n.
Did nothing

Felt like a waste of money because they didn’t help with nothing :( i think I’ll just stick to my curology patches


Used the entire pack but they didn't really help with my breakouts

Ava C.
Love these patches

they get the spot out completely if you leave them on for a while. definitely reccomend