Torriden Dive-In Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster


Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster is a facial essence that provides genuine hydration and balancing benefits for skin. Recommended for those that feel water-based toner does not provide sufficient hydration and prepping for skin.

  • Hypoallergenic skin booster that effectively alleviates skin inner dryness at the first stage of skin care routine.
  • 5D-Complex Hyaluronic Acid instanly boosts skin with ample moisture and conditions skin, leaving a dewy finish.
  •  Ceramide NP helps prevent moisture loss, soothe sensitive skin and restore optimal skin oil-water balance for healthy condition.
  • Lightweight texture gives deep moisturizing effect without stickiness.
  • Malachite Extract gives the natural pastel blue color of the product.

(Size 200 ml)

How to use

After cleansing, dispense a generous amount onto hands or cotton pads. Gently pat for absorption. 


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Customer Reviews

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Destinee Magana
Great moisture!

I've put this on my nights I exfoliate and it gives my skin such a fresh, moisturized plump feeling. It's not sticky. It's a milky texture, but it doesn't feel oily or where it's too much on my face. I do have acne prone skin and I haven't broke out from it.
Also, I've applied it on in the morning as a second toner and it gives me the same fresh plump feel. Idk yet about mixing it with other products


I don’t think this is a bad product, I just don’t think it’s the right one for me. It doesn’t irritate me and I do feel hydrated, but I’ve found I prefer thicker/gooeyer serums/toners/etc. This one is super thin - practically feels like water. If that’s the texture you like, I think you’d really enjoy!

skin's super moisturized ✨

i put on 2-3 layers of this before my moisturizer, and my skin's been feeling really soft and supple lately. highly rec for a non-sticky hyaluronic solution <3


I love this, it’s such a staple in my routine now because it’s so hydrating! My skin loves it

Love this stuff!

My skin is very sensitive and it’s so hard to find hydrating skin care that doesn’t irritate or break me out but this is so good!!! The bottle lasts forever, I use it every day morning and night. Will use it forever.