The K-Beauty products used to heal my skin barrier!

The K-Beauty products used to heal my skin barrier! - Olive Kollection

Hi Beauties! If you read my blog post about my recent skin barrier healing journey  that started with HUGE, inflamed, painful acne (Click Here To Read) you may be curious as to what products I used to help heal my skin barrier in 1 month. I believe it is about 70% healed, and still need to be careful with what products I choose to use. But I am so relieved the large, painful acne is gone.

Here is a little background on my skin type. I have combination/dry skin with texture on my forehead and lots of hyperpigmentation on my cheekbones from walking to and home from school without wearing sunscreen! YIKES. I also have scars on my nose from picking at my blackheads/pores while I was in my teens. My skin was not too sensitive in my opinion, but it would get clogged easily. My skin used to be normal/oily until I had 2 kids and your skin just changes. That is for another long, blog post to explain further :)

After I damaged my skin barrier, I focused on hydration products ONLY and put all exfoliation, Vit C, any actives and chemical exfoliants to the side. One of the brands that I have had a good experience from testing was Rovectin and it helped so much during this stage.

*A note to remember, we all have different skin types, textures, and each product gives everyone different results. I just wanted to list what I used in hopes of setting a guide on how much focusing on hydrating your skin can make a difference even for acne.


Products used during AM/PM Routine for 1 month (In order)

1. Banila Co. Clean It Zero Revitalizing (PM routine) - I am a firm believer in double cleansing and starting off with an oil-based cleanser. Even when I do not wear makeup but just use sunscreen, sunscreen comes off with an oil-based cleanser so it's important to use one every night. If you have applied sunscreen, you can feel how oily it is on your hands and how the oiliness does not come off with just hand soap.

2. Rovectin Conditioning Cleanser (AM/PM Routine) - A low pH cleanser was very important and this is a great option. It was surprisingly very effective at taking off my Heimish Dailism mascara after the cleansing balm. I never experienced any tightness but my skin still felt clean of all debris. Texture has low foam, fragrance-free. I also used this in the mornings, alternating with cleansing with water on the next mornings.

3. Bella Monster Sensitive Solution Pads (AM Routine) - I used these in the mornings that I would cleanse with just water to help take off any remaining skincare products. These pads are thick, sort of stiff but still soft and gentle on the skin. Made with Seaweed Extracts and really feel so lovely when swiping away on your face and neck.

4. Rovectin Treatment Lotion (AM/PM Routine) - Used this as my first step. It is a thick, hydrating toner and it takes a few seconds to absorb but when it does you can't feel anything, just hydrated skin. I then apply a second layer or move onto the next hydrating toner.

5. Isntree Hyaluornic Acid Toner (PM Routine sometimes) - Used this as another hydrating layer of toners on alternating days. Also, a thick toner that takes a few seconds to absorb. When I used this HA toner, I made sure to use a sleeping pack to keep in the moisture in. Hyaluronic acid brings in moisture from the air, and because California air is so dry I have to make sure to use a sleeping mask to seal it all in.

6. Laneige Water Bank Essence (AM/PM Routine) - I applied 2 layers of this essence and the smell is so refreshing, it was like the treat in my skincare routine every time. I felt like this was one of the star products in my hydrating routine. It was such a pick me up when my skin was so inflamed and dull, to bring a subtle glow when I did not use any Vit C at all.

7. Rovectin Aqua Activating Serum (AM/PM Routine) - Used 1-2 layers depending on my skin condition. One of my favorite serums and on my second bottle. Light enough to use 2 layers without feeling heavy.

8. Pyunkang Yul ATO Cream (AM/PM Routine) - Made specifically for dry, dehydrated and sensitized skin, this cream is perfect for winter and my inflamed acne-prone skin. It is light but still thick enough that it feels like a cream. I used it in the AM no problem as it absorbs quickly.

9. Dr. Jart Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask (PM Routine only) - I tested how my skin state was using a sleeping mask vs. not using a sleeping mask. The nights that I used a sleeping mask, I woke up to glowing, supple skin. Using a sleeping mask became the missing piece to my skincare puzzle and I am 100% won over on how effective using a sleeping mask at the end of your routine can be. The problem just may be finding the one that is good for you or maybe your skin loves facial oils. I used oils for many years because I wanted to love it, but my skin still did not have the glow I wish to achieve in the morning. I believe my skin just does not do well with oils, and so sleeping masks have been my savior. (This one is not available at OliveKollection)

10. VT x BTS Cica Essence Sun (AM Routine Only) - This sunscreen is one of my all-time favs. SO incredibly lightweight, absorbs quickly with absolutely no whitecast. Sunscreen is very important in skincare as all the hydrating will be overturned when you don't protect your skin. Another more price friendly option that is an all-time favorite of mine is the A'pieu Madecassoside Sun Cream.


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