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Why K-Beauty? By Christina Im

Why K-Beauty? By Christina Im - Olive Kollection

Why K-Beauty is the Right Choice For Your Skin

First the world fell in love with K-pop, the fun, energetic music hailing from across the Pacific, now here comes another Korean “kraze” (see what I did there?) reaching the western world. K-beauty (which stands for ‘Korean beauty’) has been taking the beauty industry by storm and for good reason too! Koreans seem to have mastered the art of maintaining soft, supple, youthful skin. And luckily for us, through websites like, these beauty secrets are now being shared with the world! This, of course, means some new and interesting Korean influences in our beauty industry. Ingredients such as snail slime, fermented vinegar, and salmon eggs have become mainstays in our skincare regimen now, thanks to K-beauty!

If you’ve heard anything about K-beauty, you’ve probably heard about the 10 step skincare routine which probably sounds a little intimidating. The reason for the 10 steps (oil cleanser, water-based cleanser, exfoliator, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, and the optional sheet masks) are because K-beauty is all about layering lightweight ingredients to ensure maximum hydration. Each ingredient has its own role to play in creating soft, glowing skin!

But don’t worry, if the 10 steps seem a little intimidating to you, one of the best things about K-beauty is that it’s all customizable! Sure, if you want to go through all 10 steps (many experts say that all 10 steps give the best results) that’s totally fine but,

Here are few main takeaways when it comes to K-beauty!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is super important because hydrated skin is soft, youthful skin. Many of the steps in the K-beauty process are designed to give your skin the moisture it needs.
  2. Protect your delicate skin, rain or shine! In the western world, we tend to forget the importance of sunscreen but sun damage and harsh UV-rays are no joke. Do your skin a favor and start using sunscreen regularly and reapply (yes, even during winter months or cloudy days!)
  3. Exfoliate! Exfoliating helps remove any dead skin cells and rids the skin of impurities. Luckily you don’t need to do this every day but a couple of nights a week will really make a noticeable difference to the texture of your skin!
Now get excited about K-beauty! You are about to enter a world of unusual (but awesome) ingredients, tons and tons of new exciting products and of course, beautiful healthy skin!


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